24-Hour Ambulance Dispatch: (201) 660-1600​

NJ | Mobile HealthCare (NJMHC) is a dedicated, compliance focused, state of the art emergency medical services (EMS) and ambulance transportation provider that delivers the highest levels of prehospital care to our patients.  As a public benefit corporation devoted to the public good and Next Generation EMS, NJMHC is an innovative leader in the field of emergency medicine. 


NJMHC's mission is patient focused, customer centered, and inspired by service. The vision of NJMHC is to be the exceptional, patient-focused Next Generation EMS leader in the State of New Jersey.  


At NJMHC, our paramount priority is our patients, and the NJMHC foundation is based on patient service and safety. By building connections with the communities in which we serve, NJMHC builds trust, accountability, and transparency. 

NJMHC is an affiliate of the Center for Community Based EMS (CCBEMS), a nonprofit organization that provides operational and training support to EMS agencies. 

About NJ | Mobile HealthCare

Emergency Medical Services

Learn more about NJ | Mobile HealthCare’s emergency medical services services for municipalities, healthcare facilities, community special events, and medical standbys.

Education & Training

Learn more about NJ | Mobile HealthCare’s Strategic Health Initiatives Education & Learning Division (S.H.I.E.L.D.) programs, training, and education. 

Non-Emergency Transportation

Learn more about NJ | Mobile HealthCare’s very best service in non-emergency medical transportation.


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