About NJ | Mobile HealthCare

NJ Mobile Healthcare (NJMHC) is a dedicated, compliance focused, state of the art emergency medical services (EMS) and ambulance transportation provider that delivers the highest levels of prehospital care to our patients.  As a public benefit corporation devoted to the public good and Next Generation EMS, NJMHC is an innovative leader in the field of emergency medicine.     

NJMHC is an affiliate of the Center for Community Based EMS (CCBEMS), a nonprofit organization that provides operational and training support to EMS agencies.

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NJMHC has been serving the communities of northern New Jersey since 2014 and is licensed by the New Jersey Department of Health Office of Emergency Medical Services to serve as an emergency medical service (EMS) provider at the basic life support (BLS) level. 

NJMHC’s ambulance fleet is equipped with advanced emergency medical supplies and equipment, and our EMTs and organization as a whole operates under the direction of board certified emergency physician. NJMHC’s Client Care and Dispatch Operations provide 24/7 access and support to our patients. The NJMHC patient service is among the best in the State of New Jersey. 

NJ | Mobile HealthCare's mission is patient focused, customer centered, and inspired by service. The vision of NJMHC is to be the exceptional, patient-focused Next Generation EMS leader in the State of New Jersey.  

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THE NJ | mobile Healthcare difference

Outstanding Patient & Customer Service

At NJ | Mobile HealthCare (NJMHC), our emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and team members undergo comprehensive training ranging from patient care, emerging medical technologies, and customer service so that our patients have the best possible outcomes and experience with us. NJMHC medical treatment protocols and standard operating procedures meet and exceed regulations and industry best practices. We employ several cutting edge EMS technologies and safety devices to deliver the best patient care possible.   

Compliance & Clinically Focused

At NJ | Mobile HealthCare (NJMHC), if it isn’t 100% compliant, we don’t do it. NJMHC has clinical coordinators, compliance officers, administrative staff, and a billing department that works together to ensure that all of our operations, practices, equipment, and policies meet and exceed current state and federal regulations. 

NJMHC works hard every day to ensure that our operations meet the highest standards and expectations. In order to ensure that our clients have trust and confidence in our service, NJMHC operates in an accountable and transparent manner.  

NJMHC client services representatives ensure that NJMHC upholds state and federal regulations in the transportation sector through compliance and documentation. NJMHC cares about our clients and patients by being client-centered, accountable, and reactive to clients' needs.  As an appropriate measure for the respect of the rights and dignity of our clients and patients, NJMHC is committed to the privacy of all confidential healthcare. All NJMHC employees are trained to HIPAA standards and held accountable throughout their tenure.  

State-of-the-Art Medical Communications Center

NJ | Mobile HealthCare (NJMHC) takes great pride in administering a state-of-the-art medical communications center. 

The NJMHC Med-Link EMS Communications Center is a bi-state dispatch agency that handles emergency and non-emergency communications for EMS agencies in New Jersey, New York City, and Nassau County. NJMHC's sophisticated Med-Link EMS Communications Center technology is robust enough to handle the most demanding call markets in the country. Med-Link provides NJMHC officers the ability to have comfortable, courteous one-on-one interactions with facilities and client staff. NJMHC's medical priority call triage system allows us to determine the appropriate level of response and coordinate pre-arrival care. Med-Link has constant contact with NJMHC ambulances in the field through our Wide Area Network Radio System and is able to track our fleet through integrated automated vehicle location systems. 

In an effort to operate transparently and provide our clients with accountability, NJMHC provides clients with the ability to track the status of ambulances assigned to their requests for service. In addition, the NJMHC proprietary Calling Care System can provide residents and clients in need with daily reassurance calls and medication reminders, which is a no-fee service to a resident or municipality. 

Professional Team

NJ | Mobile HealthCare (NJMHC) ambulances are staffed by professional, qualified, and certified emergency medical technician (EMTs). NJMHC ambulance units are resourced by EMTs who are trained to quickly assess patients’ needs as well as help stabilize patients in emergency situations. Our ambulance fleet is equipped with advanced emergency medical supplies and equipment, and our EMTs and organization as a whole operate under the direction of a board-certified emergency physician. The NJMHC patient service is among the best in the State of New Jersey. 

Whether an Emergency Medical Technician or Emergency Medical Dispatcher, the NJMHC team provides excellent patient care and great customer service. You can trust the NJMHC team. Our rigorous pre-employment process is designed to ensure that our team members are some of the best EMS providers. At NJMHC, we conduct pre-employment assessment batteries and clinical skill evaluations, as well as screen our potential hires through criminal background, motor vehicle, substance abuse, and national healthcare fraud and abuse checks. 

Once hired, our EMTs and communications personnel conduct multi-day orientations and undergo field evaluations for patient care and emergency vehicle driving. Our NJMHC field and communications personnel must maintain clinical performance levels to ensure our patients receive the best care possible. We are passionate about providing great patient care.  

Modern Ambulance Fleet

The NJ | Mobile HealthCare (NJMHC) modern and reliable fleet of ambulances support our values and core mission: To provide the best patient care possible using the best technology possible. Our ambulance fleet is equipped with advanced emergency medical supplies and equipment, and our EMTs and organization as a whole operate under the direction of a board-certified emergency physician.

The NJMHC patient service is among the best in the State of New Jersey. NJMHC vehicles are checked for mechanical and safety issues daily and are maintained with a comprehensive preventative maintenance program. Each NJMHC ambulance is certified by the New Jersey Office of Emergency Medical Services and licensed as a basic life support (BLS) emergency response ambulance. Each NJMHC vehicle is equipped with a vehicle tracking unit that monitors driver behavior and unusual events as a part of our safety program. 

Additionally, NJMHC ambulances are equipped with cutting-edge EMS equipment and patient transfer devices, including powered ambulance stretchers. The NJMHC computer aided dispatch system includes important data at our provider’s finger-tips in the field. The NJMHC Special Response Team is trained to handle special situations that include active shooter incidents, hazardous materials, and contaminated patient transports, as well as disaster incidents. NJMHC vehicles range from a 25 patient mass-care trailer to an EMS Bike Unit.   

Community Responsibility, Education & Training

The NJMHC continuing education program and healthcare courses are approved by the New Jersey Department of Health and Office of Emergency Medical Services. At NJ | Mobile HealthCare (NJMHC), we understand that patient healthcare begins with education and prevention. The NJMHC Strategic Health Initiatives Education & Learning Division (S.H.I.E.L.D.) addresses public health issues and health initiatives through training and education in order to bridge the gap between emergency service providers, allied health agencies, and community partners.  

At NJ | Mobile HealthCare (NJMHC), being an active part of the communities we serve is important to us. NJMHC participates in community based events and conducts outreach activities. We’ve run community blood pressure screenings and hosted friends and family CPR and First Aid courses, as well as participated in events like the Junior Women’s League of Bergen County’s Touch-A-Truck. 

Along with the Center For Community Based EMS, we host career "Exploring Post" seminars for teenagers from ages 15-21. NJMHC also hosts free continuing education courses for local first aid and rescue squads, as well as provided ambulances and personnel to the Bergen County Office of Emergency Management.